A centralized conveying system offers Substantial operational benefits and cost Savings for plastics processors. Motan is a world leading supplier of Complex centralized material feed Systems.


The new global loader design is easy to clean-out and can be changed by adding or subtracting the glass and stainless steel modules. The hinged lid is easily opened without tools.


Each system is designed to suit the customer; i.e. throughput, material types and plant layout are individually taken into account. A wide selection of loaders with a variety of conveying options, controls, blowers and filter techniques allow the creation of the optimum system for the customer’s facility. These provide the customer with these System benefits:

 • Material savings
Typically, at least a 1-2% saving in raw material costs as a result of reduced spillage and contamination.

 • Reduced materials handling labour
By centralising material storage, the cost of material handling is reduced considerably.

 • Maintenance
Motan centralised systems not only require less maintenance than stand alone systems, but also lower maintenance costs (e.g. no loader filters).

 • More space
A centralised material feed system releases production floor space for additional moulding machines and results in a tidier, uncluttered facility.

 • Safety and cleanliness
Reduced material spillage, no cleaning of filters on the machine and raw materials no longer need to be brought to the machine (no fork trucks etc.). Consequently, the production area is a much cleaner and safer place for personnel.

 • Energy savings
A centralised conveying system uses approximately 20% of the power needed by machine-dedicated stand-alone systems.

The quiet blowers provide years of reliable service with low-maintenance, direct drive, oil-free motors.