MOTAN's Gravicolor blender has set a new standard for blending accuracy, cleanliness, and control. The clean design with enclosed dispensing valves prevents pellets from littering your production floor.

The GRAVICOLOR units mix and blend up to six materials with accuracy and repeatability. These modular gravimetric blenders are designed for injection, blow moulding and extrusion and provide throughputs from just a few kilos up to 4850 lbs/h. With the GRAVICOLOR blenders, use of all materials is constantly optimised for efficient and economic performance combined with consistently high product quality. The metered and weighed amounts are constantly checked against the pre-selected set values by the control. This guarantees exceptionally high accuracy of less than ±0.1%. The metered and weighed blend is constantly optimized (not averaged over time) to insure accuracy of greater than plus or minus 0.1% A major competitor liked the MOTAN design so much, that they gave up on the Maguire blender in favor of providing the MOTAN design.

The GRAVInet color touch-screen control is easy to use, and can be connected to the LINKnet central information and control system. The operating unit can either be mounted on the GRAVICOLOR or operated remotely. In addition, integrated Ethernet technology enables operation via a Motan WEBpanel from any location.

Further characteristics are:
  • •Color graphics display with touch panel operation,
  • •Simple intuitive handling via uniform user interface,
  • •Powerful and accurate dosing, continuous selfoptimisation and sophisticated vibration management,
  • •Detailed report and print functions via network or serial interfaces,
  • •Integrated network interface (Ethernet) as well as Internet technology,
  • •Integrated conveying control (optional),
  • •Possibility to set up coupled line systems (optional),
  • •LINKnet interface for visualisation (optional),
  • •Special control systems for metered and weighed throughputs for extrusion (optional).