The Luxor drying system, with innovations such as the ETA-process, Drying Organizer, and advanced color touch-screen control, has kept MOTAN the industry leader in Central Drying since it’s introduction in the late 1990’s.

The clean design appearance with the integrated “table” around each hopper has been widely copied by many competitors in recent years. However, the real secret to the success is the patented ETA-process energy-recovery system inside the table, which reduces energy consumption up to 42%.


We have several customers who gave up on 40- 54 energy intensive, high maintenance press-side dryers, and converted to MOTAN’s Luxor system with three dryers and 26 drying bins. The payback was One + years! Let us show you how to save money with MOTAN. When combined with MOTAN’s engineering expertise, a complete central drying and conveying system can be configured to provide any material, at any time, to any machine!