The Cyclone Fine Separator removes powder from granulated plastic materials like no other on the market.

Truly a unique product that outperforms those currently being used.

How The Separator Works


The cylinder (A) houses the encased spiral and has two outlet tubes.  It mounts vertically on the granulator hopper.

The spiral (C) encased in the perforated cylinder (B) separates the dust fines from the clean granules. The perforated cylinder (B) comes in the following sizes: 5/32", 1/8", and a 1/16" version is available for dedusting virgin material.

The stainless steel cap (D) has an inlet tube which allows the regrind and air from the pellet mover to enter the cylinder and drop into the encased spiral at the center of the fine separator.

The cyclonic movement of the air forces the fines and dust through the cylinder encased spiral's perforations to the outside walls of the cylinder.

The fines and dust exit through an outlet tube for disposal and the clean regrind continues through the cone and exits at the bottom of the cylinder.

These units work with all existing granulators after a modification to the collector bin.

A complete Cyclone Fine Separator System consists of a complete Pellet Mover System and a Fine Separator, but a ring compressor blower may be used in place of the Pellet Mover