blowersystem.jpgBlower Systems
Blowers are economical and can be retrofitted to existing granulators.

A .67 hp ring compressor blower is used in combination with special electrical and a double take-out collector bin. The special collector bin includes a venturi area to allow passing air to draw regrind material from the bin and move it up to 8 feet vertical with a total movement of a minimum of 25 feet. The simple start and stop system uses Allen Bradley electrical components.

Customer specifications can be used to change configuration and/or system requirements. Please note that picture shown is an example. Specifications are subject to change without notice. Please contact your sales person for current specs.

pelletmover.jpgPellet Mover System

When used in conjunction with Bi-Cutter   screenless granulators, the pellet mover system is an ingenious approach to the movement of air and small particles.

Operating without moving parts, pellet movers create large flows of air by inducing the surrounding air. This is accomplished by using an accelerator, a filter- regulator with a pressure gauge, and an adjustable timer with a solenoid valve.

Pellet movers use only a small flow of ordinary industrial compressed air.

The accelerator operates at 60-90PSI, drawing material from the collector bin (granulator) and then moving it to a holding receptacle or Fine Separator.

The timer is a preset, on/off device used to conserve shop air.