Size Reduction Specialists Corporation is THE SPECIALIST IN

Size Reduction Specialists provides the Bi-Cutter screenless granulator. Producing quality, uniform regrind for injection molders, the Bi-Cutter is necessary for reclaiming plastics press-side. Minimal fines, no dust or longs are just a few benefits of screenless granulation. These low horsepower units reduce manufacturing energy costs when compared to conventional granulators.  Parts, service and remanufacturing for the S-Cutter is also available.


With over 50 years combined experience in press-side screenless granulation, we are the specialists in screenless granulation. Our innovative approach to size reduction makes us a U.S. leader in screenless granulation for injection molders. Quality, knowledge, experience and excellent customer service allow us to meet customer needs.





The uniquely designed Bi-Cutter screenless granulators provide the following benefits:

ENERGY SAVINGS (CHART) Eliminates Dust & Longs
Quality, uniform regrind
No Sizing Screen
Minimizes Fines
Ultra Low RPM
Processes TPE’s
Small Footprint
D-2 Steel Lower Cutters
Easy Clean-Out (Total Accessibility)
Quiet Operation
Cleanroom Granulator
Stainless Steel Options  Customize to Customer Specs

 Recycling plastics saves the environment. Reclaiming it press-side saves energy, material, time and money and reduces the risk of contamination.