Machine Specifications SR1517 (specifications are subject to change without notice)

Cutting Chamber W x L 15" x 17"
Motor Horsepower 2HP/1.5kw
Rotation Speed of S-Blade (Upper/First Stage) 18 RPM
Rotation Speed of Rotary Cutter (Lower/Second Stage) 60 RPM
Standard Gear Ratio 30:1
Rotary Cutter and Granule Size (Lower/Second Stage) (6 x 6 mm)
1/4" x 1/4"
Shipping Weight ^ 910 lb.
Throughput Per Hour*^ Up to 65 lb.
Collector Bin Capacity*^ Up to 25 lb.
Custom Options: (including but not limited to the following) Electrical Options: including but not limited to the following:
4x5mm, 5x6mm, 6x8mm, 8x10mm Cutters Auto-Stop Reverse
Hoppers, Magnet, Bases Nema-12
Collectors, Take-Out Tube Strobe Light
Color Horn
Gear Ratio, Cleanroom Proximity Switch
Pellet Mover System  
Fine Separator Systems
Blower Evacuation System

*Throughput and capacity will vary depending on material type, diameter and size of runner. It is also dependent on cutter size and gear ratio provided.

^Based on standard unit, custom features or options may change information provided.