The Aquatherm RA Series Temperature Controllers provide the best value in the market today. Units are made with the best available components such as premium quality solenoid valves, high flow pumps with leak-resistant silicon carbide seals and rugged incoloy heaters for years of maintenance free operation.


  • Microprocessor Controller
  • From ¾ HP to 7½ HP
  • Pump seal flush line assures continuous flow across seal to remove contaminants and extend pump life.
  • High capacity pump comes with bronze or stainless steel impellers for turbulent flow.
  • Long-life, low-watt density incoloy heaters (9-24 kw) resist corrosion better than copper or stainless steel.
  • Leak-proof, cast twin tank/pump assembly eliminates pipe fittings and flow restrictions.
  • Internal bypass line for protection under low flow conditions.
  • Severe duty pump seal made of leak-resistant silicon carbide which is suitable for abrasive service.
  • Removable top, front and side panels provide easy access to entire interior.
  • Seal saver automatically cools process water to 90°F to lower hose temperatures and to prevent potential burns to the equipment operator.


  • Heat exchanger
  • Hand held remote control panel
  • Larger cooling solenoid valves
  • Modulating cooling valves
  • Lockable rotary disconnect switch
  • Pressure gauges
  • Mold water purge
  • Crash cool
  • Special paint
  • Dual zone configuration
  • SPI communications
  • Stacking bracket kit
  • 36 kw, 48 kw, and 60 kw units
  • Nonferrous coating on castings