Designed and constructed for many years of dependable operation, the Oiltherm RO Series hot oil temperature controllers come standard with features like automatic oil preheat and fan cooled controls. The multistage centrifugal pump, located in the reservoir, eliminates leaks associated with positive displacement pumps.

More features, more performance
Oiltherm RO Series units come with important features not found on competitive units like insulated oil lines and a built-in full-week timer. By having a timer heat the process oil for several hours prior to starting production, a smaller heater can be used. Multiple 3kw low-watt density heaters provide a built-in standby. Heaters operate in two banks for better temperature control.

Wide range of temperatures
Compact Oiltherm RO Series units come in sturdy cabinets and are built for a wide range of high temperature applications in the 125ºF to 575ºF range. The unique design assures high velocity oil flow across heater elements for optimum heat transfer and longer heater and fluid life. A password lockout protects temperature set points and the microprocessor-based control systems allows customized settings for daily start/stop times and a temperature deviation alarm.

Built-in heat exchanger
Every unit comes standard with a cooling circuit where plant water is introduced into a stainless steel heat exchanger in the oil tank. The free-floating heat exchanger coil permits expansion that occurs with thermal shock. Oiltherm RO Series units are also available with a negative pressure option that reduces the possiblity of operator injury due to small leaks and allows the process oil to be drained.