Thermal Care Pump / Reservoir Systems

The most complete line of pre-engineered systems for cooling tower and central chiller applications providing the highest quality design and construction features available. Standard, full sized pump trim, extended pump suctions legs, inside and outside welded seams and solid steel decking under pumps are just some of the value-added features incorporated into every system. Our selection of reservoirs, pumps, controls and alarms, plus complete engineering support from system design to plant layout drawings, assure you of the correct system for your application.

Features on Both Steel and Fiberglass tanks:

  • •All pumps are mounted on a solid deck for added rigidity, serviceability and safety.
  • •Reservoirs are constructed of rugged plate steel or thick FRP for superior strength and reliability.
  • •Steel reservoir seams are double welded, inside and out, for the ultimate protection from leaks and corrosion.
  • •Steel reservoir interiors are carefully covered with a thick coat of marine duty coal tar epoxy to prevent water-tometal contact and extend reservoir life.
  • •Thermal Care’s exclusive Victaulic (grooved pipe connecting system) pump trim reduces the need for flexible couplings and eliminates pipe stress at start-up. Victaulic connections readily disassemble for fast maintenance and reconfiguration when adding or changing pumps.
  • •High-efficiency, close-coupled, non-overloading, centrifugal pumps are precisely matched to your application, providing optimum flow and pressure to process with reduced electrical costs. Non-overloading pumps improve motor life by assuring the motor operates within its horsepower rating.
  • •Full-sized pump suction legs feature a 45° angle opening to prevent vortexing and pump cavitation. This also enables the tank to operate at a lower level, saving the cost of water and valuable chemicals that may otherwise overflow to drain at shutdown.
  • •Liquid-filled pressure gauges enable accurate flow adjustment. Isolation cocks prevent gauge pressure fluctuation and extend gauge life.
  • •Programmable controller comes with digital temperature display and RTD probe that controls temperature by cycling tower fan and recirculating pump. Includes high temperature alarm with indicating light.
  • •Drain connection makes draining the reservoir easy.
  • •Discharge check valve stops supply line flowback, eliminates the potential for water hammer at pump start-up, and eliminates impeller reverse rotation and possible failure.
  • •Properly-sized pump suction and discharge piping trim eliminates excessive pressure drop and maximizes flow to process. In addition, reduced water velocity means less wear and erosion.
  • •Prewired and mounted NEMA 4 control panel is hardwired to pump motors and all alarms, simplifying field installation and significantly reducing installation costs.
  • •Years of trouble-free operation are assured with the use of high quality Allen-Bradley components and NEMA 4 lights and switches as standard.
  • •Automatic water make-up assembly maintains constant water level.