Vactherm RV Series positive/negative pressure temperature controllers eliminate downtime caused by coolant leaks in a mold or process water circuit. The unique design of Vactherm RV Series units allows the vacuum level to be adjusted to exactly the amount necessary to stop the leak, without drawing air into the water circuit. This provides better temperature control at a lower flow rate than competitive designs. And, Vactherm RV Series units can be run as nonferrous temperature controllers even when no leak is present.

Change molds fast
Leave it to Thermal Care to design a unit with an automatic mold drain that permits users to change molds quickly without a hassle. Only Vactherm RV Series units come with this exclusive quick-change feature. Process water always stays isolated from cooling water thanks to a special stainless steel water circuit with automatic water makeup feature and nonferrous components in water path to assure only clean water in the mold.

Extremely easy to operate
Temperatures and set points are easy to read on the simple-to-operate control panel. A built-in, full-week timer lets users automatically start or stop operation and adjustable temperature deviation indicator (with audible alarm and silencer) permits users to set and customize operating parameters. Keep production moving despite mold leaks with a dependable, accurate microprocessor-based Vactherm RV Series temperature controller.

Vactherm RV Series units are easy to operate and can help eliminate costly downtime.