Cross Reference for Resin Trade Names to Resin Types

Trade Name Product Company
Aclar CTFE Allied Signal
Acrylite Acrylic Resin and Sheet Cyro
Acrysteel Acrylic Sheet Aristech
Affinity Polyolefin Plastomers Dow
Aim Advanced Styrenic Resin Dow
Alathon HDPE Occidental
Alcryn Halogenated polyolefin Dupont
Amodel Polyphthalamide Amoco
APEC High Heat PC Bayer
Arcel Expandable PE Copolymer Arco
Aristech Acrylic Resin Aristech
Arloy SMA/PC alloy Arco
Arpak Expanded PE Beads Arco
Arpro Expanded PE Beads Arco
Astrel Polyarylsulfone 3M
Aurum Polyimide Resin Mitsui Toatsu
Avimid K Polyimide DuPont
Barex Acrylonitrile CoPolymer BP Chemical
Bayblend abS/Polycarbonate Bayer
Beetle Urea Molding Compound A.C. Molding
Cadon SMA and SMA/abS 2 Bayer
Calibre PC Dow
Capron Nylon 6 Allied Signal
Celanex PBT, PBT/PET alloy Hoechst Celanese
Celazole Polybenzimidazole Hoechst Celanese
Celcon Acetal and acetal elastomer Hoechst Celanese
Centrex AES/ASA Bayer
Crystalor Polymethylpentene Phillips
Cycolac abS G.E.
Cycoloy abS/PC alloy G.E.
Cyrolite Acrylic Resin Cyro
Delrin Acetal, acetal/elastomer alloy Dupont
Delta abS GPC (Taiwan)
Denka abS Showa (Japan)
Desmopan TPU Bayer
Diakon Acrylic Resin ICI
Dimension PPE/Nylon Alloy Allied Signal
Duraloy Impact Modified Polyester Celanese
Durethan Nylon 6 Bayer
Durel PAR Occidental
Dylark SMA and SMA/PS alloy Arco
Dylene PS Arco
Eastar Polyester PCTG Eastman Chemical
Eastpac Polyester PET Eastman Chemical
Ecdel Polyetherester (TPE) Eastman
Ecolan Starch Modified PU Porvair
Ektar Polyester PETG
Polyester PCTG
Polyester PET
Polyester PCT
PC/Polyester Alloy
Engage Polyolefin Elastomers Dow Elastomers
Enuran PBT Alloy G.E.
Estamid Polyamide CTPE) Dow
Estane Urethane (TPE) B.F. Goodrich
Eval EVOH Eval
Fiberloc PVC Glass Reinforced Geon
Flexomer LLDPE/EVA Union Carbide
Foraflon PVDF Atochem
Forar HDPE Amoco
Fortiflex HDPE, MDPE Solvay
Fortilene Polypropylene Solvay
Fortron Polyphenylene Sulfide Hoechst Celanese
Fostarene Crystal PS Hoechst
Fostalite Light stable PS Hoechst
Fosta Tuf Flex Impact PS Hoechst
Geloy ASA and ASA/PVC alloys G.E.
Geolast PP/Nitrile (TPE) Advanced Elastomer Systems
Geon PVC Geon
Grilamid Nylon 12 EMS American Grilon
GTX PPE/Nylon G.E.
Halar ECTFE Ausimont
Hostalen GUR UHMWPE Hoechst Celanese
Hostalen HMW HDPE Hoechst Celanese
Hytrel Polyetherester (TPE) DuPont
Isoplast Rigid PU Dow
Ixef Polyarylamide Solvay
K Resin TPE Phillips Chemical
Kadel Polyketone Amoco
Kamax Acrylic Rohn & Haas
Kapton Polyimide Film DuPont
Kevlar Aramid Fiber DuPont
Korad Acrylic Film PEP
Krayton TPE Shell
Kynar PVDF Atochem
Lenzing Polyimide Lenzing
Lexan PC G.E.
Lucite Acrylic DuPont
Lupiace PPE Mitsubishi
Lupital Acetal Resin Mitsubishi
Lustran abS, SAN Copolymer Bayer
Lustrex PS Novacor
Magnum abS Dow
Makroblend PC Blends Bayer
Makrolon PC Bayer
Maranyl PA 66 LNP
Marlex HDPE Phillips
Merlon PC Bayer
Mindel Polysulfone Blends Amoco
Minlon Mineral reinforced PA66 DuPont
Mylar PET film DuPont
NAS 10 Acrylic Styrene Copolymer Novacor
Noryl GTX PPO/PS alloy G.E.
Novodur abS Bayer
Oleplate PP Amoco
Olevac PP Amoco
Ontex TPE Research Polymers
Paxon HDPE Paxon Polymers
Pellethane TPU Dow
Petrothene PE Quantum
Plexiglas Acrylic Sheet AtoHaas
Polyman abS/PVC alloy Schulman
Polystrol PS BASF
Prevail abS/TPU Dow
Prevex PPE/PS alloy G.E.
Pro Fax PP Himont
Pulse PC/abS alloy Dow
Radel Polyethersulfone Amoco
Rilsan PA 11, 12 Atochem
Royalite abS and abS alloys Uniroyal
Rynite PET DuPont
Ryton PPS Phillips
Saran PVDC Dow
Selar PA/PE alloy DuPont
SP EMAC Chevron
Stereon Styrene/butadiene copolymer(TPE) Firestone
Styron PS Dow
Supec Polyphenylene Sulfide G.E.
Surlyn Ionomer Dupont
Teflon FEP,PFA,TFE film DuPont
Tefzel ETFE DuPont
TempRite CPVC B.F. Goodrich
Tenite Cellulosic Compounds Eastman Chemical
Terblend ASA/PC alloy BASF
Terluran abS BASF
Texin TPU Bayer
Torlon Polyamideimide Amoco
Toyolac abS Toray
TPX Polymethylpentene Mitsui
Triax abS/PA Bayer
Tyril SAN Copolymer Dow
Udel Polysulfone Amoco
Ultem Polyetherimide G.E.
Ultradur Polyester PBT BASF
Ultraform Acetal BASF
Ultramid PA BASF
Ultrason PES BASF
Uvex Cab Eastman
Valox PBT G.E.
Vectra Liquid Crystal Polymer Hoechst Celanese
Vespel PA DuPont
Vydyne PA Monsanto
Xenoy PC/Polyester alloy G.E.
XT Acrylic Cyro
Xydar Liquid Crystal Polymer Amoco
Zylar Acrylic Novacor
Zytel PA DuPont